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Do you need to improve your style? Or could you use some help regarding a specific event or a professional situation? Do you want to be really sure your formal outfit fits you well? Do you need help with choosing clothes and accessories for certain situations? To combine professional outfits with casual outfits? To adjust your style according to your current needs and options? To learn which items to choose and how to further combine them? To understand, which rules to follow and which ones can be disregarded? And in which situations? Would you like to work on your appearance or time-management? We will arrange our services individually based on your needs.  


Formal style

formal, business, occasional business

  • Selection of complete solution and suitable brands based on your needs:
    • ready-to-wear
    • made-to-measure
    • bespoke services
  • Consultation and assistance from the first to the last step
  • Right combination of clothes and accessories
  • An opportunity for cooperation with other experts and getting their advice
  • Consultancy

Casual style

leisure combinations, business casual, smart casual

  • Selection of brands suitable for your style
  • Combining leisure style with formal style
  • Choosing right clothes for your activities
  • Consultancy

Personal assistance and coaching

  • Assistance with shopping or choosing and shopping for you
  • Selecting an outfit including accessories for specific situations and events
  • We can arrange: shopping, orders, cleaning, ironing, clothes delivery to your place
  • Maintenance of your wardrobe
  • How to present yourself correctly
  • How to lead personal or professional meetings and how to make the best impression
  • Building your distinct style and character

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