Through graffiti he wanted to break ordinariness of regular life, to impress, appeal and shock an observer. An attempt to call attention to this issue as to another form of art and present graffiti in different light led him to creating several documentaries, which described this activity in his environment. Music played an important role in those documentaries; it created an atmosphere of a given moment and could trigger various emotions in viewers.
Gradually he felt a need to create something more accessible and easily acceptable for general public. Therefore he moved his creation on the canvases and began to pursue graphic design. Designs of his own prints on clothes and his visual presentation gradually led him to fashion and photography.

For Robin, an art expression, even because of the experience with graffiti, is an opportunity in which he sees no limits. In his work he likes to combine music, paintings, design, photography and film.




From the moment he began to actively pursue fashion and photography, he has had opportunities to meet many respected individuals from the field. He cooperated with top modeling agencies such as Elite, Exit model management, Czechoslovak models and others. His works were printed in various fashion magazines like Topfashion magazine, InStyle or Elle.

Currently Robin works on projects, which are more personal. Their important element is an unrepeatable, intimate atmosphere captured in one fleeting moment. The result are then photographs reflecting genuineness, beauty not only on the outside but also on the inside.